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Posted on: 21-05-2021

Picture this, you are on a fantastic cruise liner, and have had a fantastic time so far.

All of a sudden, you spot towering bastions, encompassing the Grand Harbour. One cannot help but be AMAZED! You must be thinking to yourself, that is amazing, I wonder what else there is in the area, well fret no more, as a variety of one-day itineraries, specifically for cruise line passengers have been prepared!

All cruises arrive at our naturally formed Harbour, the Grand Harbour in Valletta. With endless possibilities of restaurants to dine at, at the Waterfront Valletta, we surely got you covered whatever you fancy.

You can also opt to visit the centre of Valletta which will take you around ten minutes by walk. Valletta will surely keep you mesmerised by its beautiful architecture and character. One thing is for sure... you will never run out of magnificent things to see and do. From the Caravaggio's Beheading of Saint John the Baptist painting at the St. John's Co-Cathedral to the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta is definitely the place to visit!

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