Dives & Courses

Diving Courses in MaltaThe long track record of the diving industry here, coupled with safe, clear waters – there are no tides and few strong currents – makes the Islands ideal for first-timers and novice divers. Most centres offer long weekend taster course or beginners’ dives to give you a feel for what’s involved. Tuition starts on land, followed by a pool orientation session before your first sea dive of around 30 minutes.

The next level, usually a four-day course, combines shore-based instruction with up to six open water dives with the instructor. To gain an entry-level diving qualification you will need to spend more time, up to six days. Check with individual dive centres for details and prices.

Experienced, qualified divers can rent equipment and dive, so long as they are accompanied. Qualified instructors can take their own groups diving in Malta.

Before you dive, please check out our Tips for Divers.


Who can help?

Most diving centres in Malta are members of the local Professional Dive Schools Association, an organisation that considers safety and well-being of divers paramount. It also works to ensure that dive sites are protected and accessible and that divers here are conscious of the need to safeguard the archaeological and natural underwater heritage of the Islands.

For information on dive schools and regulations, contact:

Professional Dive Schools Association,
P.O. Box 12
St. Paul’s Bay,
Website: http://www.pdsa.org.mt
Email: [email protected]