Film Incentives

Interested in getting behind the lens? What more could one want from a filming location than endless blue seas, varied landscapes, and the world-renowned Malta Film Studios, with not one, but two massive water tanks ideal for shooting water scenes?

The Malta Film Commission, one’s first port of call when it comes to filming on the Islands, runs an excellent incentive scheme. Please refer to this website for more detailed information. It is also on hand to provide any advice or assistance you may need along the way.

Malta also has its own specially-developed film infrastructure, covering everything from set design, to special effects and costume making, and boasts a high level of craftsmanship when it comes to the construction of sets.

With hours of uninterrupted sunshine allowing for longer shooting days, and versatile Maltese towns and villages, it really is a director’s paradise.

Why else would Gladiator, Troy, U-571, and so many other blockbuster films have been shot here? Who knows? Your film could be next!