Mellieħa – Destination of Excellence

With its marvellous Mediterranean weather and countryside, Mellieħa is a dream-destination for those in search of sun and nature. The beaches that line the coast of Mellieħa are some of the world’s finest. All water sports activities are available, along with top-notch restaurants and accommodations.

For visitors looking for non-beach culture, Mellieħa is rich in archaeological sites. Built by the Knights, the magnificent Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieħa is one of Malta’s most-prized pieces. Every year on August 30th, the feast of Our Ladies of Victories commemorates the repelling of the Ottoman Great Siege in 1565. The celebration lasts until September 8th and it is said that this victory helped save Europe’s Christianity.

The charm and mystique in the region are alluring. Mellieħa and Manikata offer visitors a relaxed “rural-island” experience. The picturesque landscapes on the coastal region are second to none, with many trails leading to spectacular vista points.

Inland, vast and fertile farmlands provide fresh produce to the region’s many restaurants. Local farmers, through programs like the Rural Heritage Trail, have recently banded together to preserve their authentic farming practices and the results are impressive.

Mellieħa is also home to many rare and protected species of wildlife. Its close proximity to the seashores attracts a great number of colourful birds.

Countless projects have succeeded in cleaning up abandoned countryside farms and others refurbishing old farmhouses and turning them into modern bed and breakfast accommodations. These unique practices are what make this locality a leader in today’s world of redeveloped landscapes.

Mellieħa is truly a destination for all the family and for all seasons. With all-year round events and celebrations, this place is great anytime you visit.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Trails filled with adventurous walkers
  • Summer: Sun-drenched beaches with sparkling sand
  • Fall: Fantastic dinners with seasonal vegetables
  • Winter: Breath-taking sunsets from beachside villas

More information about Mellieħa can be found here.