Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip to Malta should not be a difficult task, wherever you start your journey from.

Being an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean limits the options of how one can get to the Maltese Islands to two: by air or by sea.

Once you get here, however, the options for getting around are numerous and varied. Public transport is inexpensive and efficient. Renting a car or a motorcycle provides the freedom to explore the territory at your own pace. Hiring a bicycle or mountain bike is the ecological alternative, and at the same time provides some physical exercise whilst touring the island. Then there are taxis, coaches and minivans, horse-drawn carriages, ferries, pleasure cruises, and you can even hop on a seaplane and get a bird’s eye view.

The options regarding where to stay are just as numerous. There are hotels of varying categories. There are farmhouses and villas. There are self-catering apartments, guesthouses and hostels. You can stay with a host family or go for a timeshare property. The choices are endless.

If you need help planning your trip, you can get assistance from tour operators, travel agents, tourist guides and the tourist information offices around Malta and Gozo.