Senglea – Destination of Excellence

Isla (or Senglea), is the smallest of the Three Cities in the Cottonera. The old city is situated on a peninsula protruding into the Grand Harbour, facing the charming walled city of Valletta.

This locality is truly one of the jewels of the Maltese Islands, being also one of the oldest cities dating back to the 16th century, with many structures undertaken by the Knights themselves, making it one of the heaviest fortified areas on the Island. It is indeed a gem enclosed by spectacular bastions, with commanding views still guarding the Grand Harbour as it did centuries ago.

Going for a stroll to Ġnien il-Gardjola (the look-out garden) at the tip of Senglea Point, one can savour a blend of history and the Mediterranean. From the lonely caper tree hanging daringly along the bastions to the ancient fig trees scattered haphazardly, it seems that the islands’ gentle climate has in time fused with the city itself. Looking down towards the calm waves of the harbour, one can still see the beating heart of the cities- the dockyard. Tracing back to the time of the Knights, this industry, which was later developed further by the British as a naval shipyard, has for centuries breathed life into the local and nationwide population.

This old city is more than a place adorned with character and heritage. Life flows through its narrow streets amongst its aged buildings. Many activities take place within the city, amongst them the popular Regattas (traditional boat races) which take place on the waters of the Grand Harbour twice a year- on the 31st March and 8th September. September the 8th heralds Isla’s biggest celebrations with the city festa where the town is lavishly decorated and lit by hundreds of light bulbs and spectacular fireworks. More recently another event has been added to the local calendar- the Senglea Martime Festival (May/June) which is truly a celebration of the local culture, history and its relationship with the sea.

Main events

March/ April

31st March, Regatta Races
Good Friday and Easter Sunday Processions

May/ June

Senglea Day Festival
Senglea Maritime Festival


8th Sep, Our Lady of Victories Feast
8th Sep, Regatta Races

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