After Sunset

There is plenty to see and do in Valletta after sunset.

Those who prefer to experience the city at night will find that it has a totally different character from the daytime version. When most shops close for the day, and the office workers leave the city to go back to their homes, Valletta takes on a more distinguished air. Without the crowds of shoppers and commuters to distract attention, the architecture takes centre stage over everything else. In the relative stillness, away from the major thoroughfares, you will be able to appreciate more of what Valletta is really like for the locals. 

But if at first glance you might get the impression that the city is asleep, think again. There are restaurants and wine bars serving their customers. There are clubs and cinemas. There are performances at the Manoel Theatre, Spazju Kreativ at St James Cavalier, the Mediterranean Conference Centre and other venues. Down by the cruise terminal, there’s the Valletta Waterfront with its outdoor eateries and magnificent views.

And all around, there is a city that vibrates with the energy of its people and its past.