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St Mary Magdalene Chapel

Magnificently situated on the dramatic Dingli Cliffs, the tiny Mary Magdalene chapel has a history dating back nearly 400 years. Also known as il-Kappella tal-Irdum (the chapel on the cliffs), it was built to serve the spiritual needs of local farmers and their families.

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Situated on the spot where a 15th century church once stood, the chapel was built in 1646, and follows a simple design, typical of many of Malta’s wayward chapels. It has a rectangular structure, with a modest facade containing a single doorway and a circular window.

Its completion was commemorated by a Latin inscription above its doorway, bearing the date and stating that the chapel does not enjoy ecclesiastical immunity. Equally charming inside, its altarpiece titled The Risen Christ depicts Jesus forgiving a penitent Mary Magdalene soon after his resurrection. Though nowadays used just annually to celebrate mass on Saint Mary Magdalene’s feast day, this captivating chapel is a delightful stop-off on any country walk!


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