Triq Hal Luqa Santa Luċija, Malta

Chinese Garden of Serenity

Officially opened in 1997, the "Serenity Garden" in Santa Luċija is a landscaped garden in Chinese style and is designed as a symbol of the journey of life from birth to death.

The fountain at the very beginning of the garden is the figure of birth, with the water in the background symbolising the mother, the water as if giving birth, the happiness of a new life. The beginning of childhood.

Childhood is represented by the space found between the fountain and the actual garden door, the door to maturity. Like in life, one finds two paths, one is straight with no problems, no difficulties, serene, under the guidance of parents while the other is a serpentine path, full of adventure, danger, curving and away from the parents' sight. The parents are moulded in the figures of the two lions, one male with masculine look, gathering in himself the strength of the father he is. The other a woman, feminine, with her happiness in her hands, a tender look, a promise of love and joy.

From childhood one passes to maturity. This threshold which everyone in life has to go through, offers a welcome through a large "portico" which offers shelter until one is inside. Once inside, one starts his lookout for the wonders of life ‘WU' as found written of the inside of the door. Here the rocks seem to have matured and it offer themselves as an emporium of wisdom and energy for life. The rocks are placed in a way so as to resemble the image of a god, as if on an altar surrounded by plants and flowers. The inscription behind the rocks says "the pleasure of heaven". It is here that the choices of life begin. On the right there is a small door which gives you a special welcome thanks to its elevated patio which is meant to invite you for a day of labour after wishing you a good morning. It is from here that you find yourself in the corridors of an active life - the sunrise of a new life.


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