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Workers Memorial Building, South Street, Valletta, Malta


Situated in Valletta, Malta's Capital, Unilang is right at the heart of this world-heritage city, and only minutes from the central bus terminus, which makes it easily the most accessible location in Malta. We, at Unilang School of Languages aim to provide you with the best personalised service possible because we believe that you are the best judge of your needs and the best manager of your own learning. We will do this by creating a climate where, together, we can plan your own personal course. Once you register and your needs are known to us, we will, again together design your personalised course to achieve the goals you yourself will identify. At Unilang School you will not just learn the language but above all will be able to Communicate in English. You will be able not just to understand, speak, and read English but above all to ‘think' and to get a ‘feel' of the language. We will do this by ‘immersing' you in real-life situations requiring you to communicate in English. Fluency and self-confidence in the use of English in real life are our aims. You will meet specially trained teachers who will design the courses you will need to achieve your aims and who provide you with the best resources available and help you choose the most appropriate learning method for you. Above all, our teachers will not ‘teach down' at you but will involve you in every decision involving your learning. You will know where you stand at each stage of your learning process and be able to take informed decisions about your own progress. You will find yourself in a dynamic multi-cultural environment that will promote active learning through interaction and dialogue. You will meet interesting people, both teachers and other students, from different cultural backgrounds who will make the learning experience interesting, exciting and fun.

Learning at Unilang is not just acquiring knowledge.

It is all about acquiring a new perspective, a new window, on life.

A subsidary of The General Workers' Union Malta.


Contact Information

  • Phone: +356 25679320
  • Phone: +356 25679226

Facilities & Services

  • CafeCafe'
  • Public PayphonePublic Payphone
  • Public ToiletsPublic Toilets
  • Shops within 1 kmShops within 1 km
  • Town/City LocationTown/City Location

General Information

  • Opening Hours: 0900hrs till 1715hrs.
  • Languages Spoken:
    • English
    • Italian
    • Maltese
    • Portuguese
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