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12, Taliana Lane, Gżira, GŻR 1581, Malta


Founded in 1963, the NSTS English Language Institute was the first English Language School to operate in Malta. NSTS offers a large variety of courses at all tuition levels and the academic team is trained to give focused and dedicated attention to each individual learner's needs by using the latest teaching methods to help the student achieve full potential by the end of the Language Programme selected.

NSTS adopts a policy of quality above everything else. With the best teacher to student ratio, NSTS givesthe individual the most attention possible with an average of 6-8 students per class. NSTS also offers accommodation suitable to the need of each individual client.

NSTS - English Language Institute is ISO 9001 Accredited.


  • Telefon: +356 25588000
  • Fax: +356 21341392

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