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Bir Miftuħ, limits of Gudja, Malta

Cappella di Bir Miftuħ

This chapel was built in around 1430 and is one of the best preserved examples of a fifteenth-century parish church in Malta. It has some interesting frescoes and provides the ideal setting for the annual Bir Miftuh music festival organised each spring by Din l-Art Helwa.

This Chapel located in Gudja is one of the best preserved examples of a parish church of the fifteenth century. It was declared a parish in 1436 by Bishop Senatore de Mello and served as such until 1676 when the Parish Church of Gudja was built. It was never in the centre of a village but was a parish church that served several villages. The Chapel is free standing and shows a growing confidence in the handling of stone structures. It has a plain rectangular plan and measures about eleven by fourteen metres. The remains of a fresco covering the inside western wall were discovered between 1978 and 1980 having been covered by six layers of lime.

Informazioni di contatto

  • Contatta: Din l-Art Ħelwa
  • Telefono: +356 21225952
  • Fax: +356 21225952


  • Località di campagnaLocalità di campagna

Informazioni Generali

  • Giorni d'apertura:
    • domenica
  • Orari d'apertura: Open first Sunday of the month 0930hrs till 1200hrs, and by appointment.
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