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No.1 Triq il-Jonju, The Village, San Ġwann, Malta

Gateway School of English (GSE)

At Gateway School of English (GSE), Malta - a family-managed and family-owned enterprise in Malta - we focus on delivering quality tuition and achieving results. The result is a pedagogic vision that combines professional seriousness with a teaching style that ensures success. Our teachers are all experienced and internationally qualified professionals and know that learning, if it is to be effective, must be fun.

At GSE we guarantee that you will take back home with you an exciting total experience that will enrich you as a person, making you more aware of the world's diversity and of the importance of reaching out across cultural barriers.

We look forward to welcoming you to Malta and to our school.

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  • Telefon: +356 21375086
  • Faks: +356 21375086

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