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Marsa Sports Club, Aldo Moro Street, Marsa, Malta

Marsa Sports Club

The Marsa Sports Club is a non-profit private club managed by a committee with the assistance of a permanent staff. Committee members work on a purely honorary basis. The various sports sections, are in turn controlled by their own honorary sub-committees.

The golf club was founded in 1888.The United Services Sports Club, as it was then known, was inaugurated on 15th August 1901 to provide a permanent home for the Polo and Golf clubs and to serve as a recreational centre for the British Forces then stationed on the island.

The club became civilian in 1971 and numerous changes have been made since then, perhaps the most significant of which was the grassing of the golf course.The club now provides facilities for no less than eight sports disciplines and boasts of a membership of over 2500, the majority of whom are Maltese citizens but including also a large number of expatriate members who have made Malta their home or are working here. The Club also welcomes several thousand visitors per year.


İrtibat Bilgileri

  • Telefon: +356 21233851
  • Telefon: +356 21232842
  • Faks: +356 21231809

Tesisler ve Hizmetler

  • Açık HavuzAçık Havuz
  • BarBar
  • Çocuklar Kabul EdilirÇocuklar Kabul Edilir
  • Ekipman KiralamaEkipman Kiralama
  • Engelli İmkânlarıEngelli İmkânları
  • Engelliler için Park YeriEngelliler için Park Yeri
  • KafeKafe
  • Kırsalda YerKırsalda Yer
  • Park YeriPark Yeri
  • RestoranRestoran
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  • Umumi TuvaletlerUmumi Tuvaletler

Genel Bilgiler

  • Açık Olduğu Günler:
    • Pazartesi
    • Salı
    • Çarşamba
    • Perşembe
    • Cuma
    • Cumartesi
    • Pazar
  • Açılış Saatleri: Monday till Friday: 0830hrs till 2300hrs. Weekends & Public Holidays: 0830hrs till 2230 hrs. Outdoor swimming pool open from May until Sept (1000 hrs till 2200pm)
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