Sun, Sea & Splendor!

Carefree Mediterranean Vacation in Malta

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Go Beyond Crystal Clear Blue Waters!

Fantastic climate with over 300 days of sunshine, with panoramic views overlooking the turqoise blue sea and a culture rich with over 7,000 years of history – all of this and much more can be enjoyed in the Maltese Islands!

With all of this, and much more, we invite you for an action-packed holiday, full of fun and adventure!

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We look forward to giving you a warm and safe welcome in the Maltese Islands.

Last June, Malta had already vaccinated 70% of its adult population with at least one COVID-19 shot,
becoming the first European Union country to achieve so-called herd immunity.

For information about entry requirements please visit the Malta COVID-19 guide.

Don't Miss Out on All the Fun!

Join Us on an amazing adventure in the Middle of the Mediterranean!

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