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Forbes Travel Guide is the global authority on luxury hospitality, and has a team of professional inspectors travel the world to assess hotels, restaurants, and spas based on 900 objective standards that determine their coveted annual Star Ratings.

The inspectors visit every hotel, restaurant, and spa that we Star Rate, paying their own way and staying anonymously as a typical guest. No one can buy a rating under any circumstance. Every Star Rating is earned through Forbes’ objective, independent process.

While both service and facility are assessedForbes’ Star Rating system emphasizes service because a person’s experience at a hotel, restaurant, or spa goes beyond looks — how it makes the tourist feel is what they will remember most.

Forbes Travel Guide started in 1958, as Mobil Travel Guide, a guidebook for US motorists. They created the original Five-Star rating system, and we are the only independent, global rating agency for luxury hospitality. For more than 60 years, they have traveled the world to give guests the most reliable information on where to stay, dine and relax.

Meanwhile, Malta will be the first country in the world to participate in the Forbes International Star Award, a programme aimed at certifying restaurants and hotels, to train and reward the hospitality sector for the tourism product it offers to the public.

VisitMalta is convinced that this programme will serve as a motivation for tourist establishments to continue refining their services. This aspect in itself is another step towards what VisitMalta and the Ministry for Tourism are looking at in the Tourism Sector Strategy for the next decade.

Carlo Micallef, Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer, VisitMalta.

Malta, Yours to Enjoy!

Whether you’re looking for an awesome adventure, a quick trip, or a Mediterranean escape, the Maltese Islands are your next destination!

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