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19/01/2019 19:30

With more than 4,000 years of history, Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is the grandest festival for the Chinese people, who celebrate it with unparalleled enthusiasm and abundant festivities. Always associated with family reunion, peace, prosperity and harmony between man and nature, Chinese New Year signifies the traditional values and pursuit of the Chinese people, which make it a culturally significant part of world cultural diversity.

“Happy Chinese New Year”upholds “Happiness, Harmony, Dialogue and Sharing” as its central ideas, and celebrates Spring Festival as the festival of nature, of family, and of the heart. As it gains increasing popularity by advocating universal values of peace, harmony and family reunion, “Happy Chinese New Year” has become the most popular international Chinese cultural brand event that covers more countries and wider overseas audience than any other.

As part of the annual “Happy Chinese New Year” branded Spring Festival celebratory events in Malta, China Cultural Centre in Malta ( CCC)  once again joins hands with Qrendi Local council to hold the “ Happy Chinese New Year in Qrendi” charity performance in aid of Helen Keller Resource Centre, in collaboration with the Qrendi Parish Church.

The performance features two acclaimed National First-Level Actors: Ms ZENG Jingping, winner of the Plum Blossom Award, and Ms ZHUANG Lifen, winner of the Peony Award, alongside other excellent actors and actress from distinct performance groups: Quanzhou Folk Song and Dance Inheritance Center, Fujian Liyuan Opera Inheritance Center, Quanzhou Nanyin Inheritance Center, Quanzhou Puppet Opera Inheritance Center and the Martial Art Troupe of Quanzhou Shaolin Temple.

The programme displays different aspects of Southern Fujian Culture, combining folklore, Liyuan Opera, Nanyin Music, Martial Arts, Hui’an Women traditional costume-display dance, and Chinese puppetry art - an outstanding representation of Chinese performing arts. Marionettes appeared in the north of China more than 2,000 years ago and reached Quanzhou during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). Most of the Quanzhou Marionette repertoire performed in the present day originates from the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), making Quanzhou the only known region of China where this artistic tradition has been preserved uninterrupted!

From graceful and ethereal arias to energetic combat stunts and uncanny maneuvering of puppets, the show is a unique opportunity to witness some of China`s top performers in their respective fields, as well   as experience first-hand the beauty of Chinese classic and folk performance arts from of great antiquity, with regional specialties such as  Nanyin Folk Music,  Liyuan Opera, Wuzu Martial Arts, ethereal flute tunes, comic puppetry and dance showcasing splendid traditional Costumes of women from  Hui’an.

The public is invited to join us in bidding farewell to 2018 and ushering in the Chinese New Year, with music, dance, art and cheer while supporting a good cause, with a first-class variety  performance by Fujian Quanzhou Culture and Art Troupe from China,  at Qrendi Pastoral Centre on Saturday 19th January 2019 at 19:30. Entrance by donation of €2. All proceeds go to Helen Keller Resource Centre, Qrendi.

Event Details

  • Performance by Fujian Quanzhou Culture & Art Troupe
  • The performance will be held at the Qrendi Pastoral Centre (Click here for the map)
  • Saturday 19th January 2019 at 19:30hrs
  • Entrance by donation of € 2. All proceeds go to Helen Keller Resource Centre, Qrendi.



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