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14/02/2018 18:00 - 22:00

As the highlight event of the "Happy Chinese New Year in Valletta" 2018 events series, Happy Chinese New Year Festa offers a unique experience - Inspired by modern-day derivations of the Traditional Chinese Spring Festival Fair, with a romantic twist on the occasion of Valentine`s Day, it blends the best of Chinese folk arts and traditional culture, through a fusion of entertainment, amusement and recreation. China`s " Zhejiang Wu Opera troupe" presents an exquisite variety show - festive Dragon Dance, folk instruments, theatrical combat, Wu opera excerpts; while also featuring performance art treasures of China: Face-changing ancient conjuring art of Sichuan and Shadow Puppetry of Shaanxi - the former being a priceless secret exclusive to China for many centuries, while the latter was inscribed in the UNESCO`s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2011. Musical and theatrical interpretations include China`s best known love-themed fable the Butterfly Lovers and the White Snake legend, to enhance the romantic ambiance and sentiment of "Valentine`s Day", through oriental arts and aesthetics. Unlike the conventional stage-centered sit-down show, a fusion of performance and interaction invites all to roam and mingle, be it at the MCC Bar with a glass of "Fraise Royal - Valentine's Day delight" and Chinese dumplings at the "Jiǎozi Bar", or by participating in popular Chinese games and fun activities such as Go (wéiqí) and shuttlecock kicking (tī jianzi) or "challenge yourself with kuài zi (chopsticks)", a party favourite! What is more, there are prizes to be won, and much to view and learn from, - be it Chinese zodiac handcrafts, Chinese Opera masks symbolism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or the romantic Maltese Islands, with MTA`s stall Malta, Your Perfect Match!

"Happy Chinese New Year" is an internationally acclaimed cultural brand launched by the Ministry of Culture of China in 2009, in response to the ardent welcome and enthusiasm with which Chinese Spring Festival cultural activities hosted overseas were received world-wide. "Happy Chinese New Year" upholds "Happiness, Harmony, Dialogue and Sharing", and has gained widespread popularity through its advocacy of universal values of friendship peace, unity and sharing, becoming the most popular Chinese cultural brand event around the world.



Mediterranean Conference Centre

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