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11/06/2018 - 15/06/2018

With the accelerated development of the Chinese economy and the constant modernization of its industry, the "manufactured in China" paradigm is gradually changing into "created in China". In this context, design plays a very important role.

In recent years, a large group of excellent design companies and professionals in China have excelled in this field and launched themselves on the global stage. Both China`s mainland, with its increasingly advanced art and science, as well as its Taiwan region, with its manufacturing industries and meticulous craftsmanship, are striving to become leaders in this creative area. By maximizing the role of design in industries, both regions wish to change "made in China" into "created in China".

By reception and response to values communicated by Western design, nowadays designs inspired by the life philosophy and aesthetics of Oriental life are becoming more and more common. These have already become a new trend for the global design market and Chinese society.

The aesthetics of Oriental life seek harmony between nature and mankind, maintaining that everything must flow in accordance with the rules of nature, in order to achieve a peaceful coexistence. Tea, painting and Zen calligraphy, folk art and ingenuity, embody Chinese people`s attitude towards life and cultural heritage. In China, inspiration from antiquity, ancestral wisdom and the pursuit for balance between man and nature remain essential aspects of contemporary Chinese life aesthetics. Hence traditional culture continues to influence modern life and the art of design.

The cultural life and traditional artistic taste of China reflected in modern design have created many excellent works, as result of the designers’ attention to oriental cultural life, portraying their observation, experience, and understanding of nature. This exhibition presents a selection of excellent Chinese works that received global design awards. The works explore the inspiration behind Chinese modern design, probing the depths of Chinese traditional life, culture, and possible developments, as well as the creative combination of brand, technology, and lifestyle in China's current design.

The exhibition hosts about twenty works by Chinese design professionals and companies, based on three main categories: "East and Life", "Vegetation and World”, and "Artistic Technique and Nature”. Eight themes were derived from these three block concepts, which are: "Meditation", "Tea ambience", "Calligraphy", "Wooden works", "Bamboo Houses", "Garden of Light", "Search of Sound”, and "Amazing Image". All of these reflect for furniture, electronic and digital devices, packaging, animation, and so forth. In addition, the works demonstrate contemporary trends from the perspective of oriental life and convey a wide range of Chinese design possibilities to the world.

Event Details

Exhibition Curator: Mr. Shi Zhenhong

Dates: Mon 11 -  Fri 15 June 2018

Open to the Public:  Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:30hrs; 14:30-17:00 hrs (except public holidays)

Entrance is Free

More info: Tel 21225055; email: maltaccc@gmail.com


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