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29/05/2019 - 02/06/2019

Tarxien is an old village in the south of Malta, well known for the celebration of the Feast dedicated to Our Lady of Annunciation as well as for the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Tarxien Temples’ built between 3600BC and 2500BC.

If you want to experience a traditional Maltese feast, come and visit the village of Tarxien and enjoy the beauty of local ground and air fireworks, band marches, street decorations and the treasures found in the marvellous 17th Century Parish Church.


  • 29th May - 21.00hrs - Instrumental and vocal concert organised by the village band club at Tarxien square
  • 27th, 28th and 30th May - from 20.30hrs till 23.30hrs - There will be local traditional band marches around the village streets of Tarxien
  • 31st May - 20.00hrs till 23.59hrs - A stunning band march will be accompanied with the late 19th Century Statue of an Angel representing the eradication of Nestorius wrong teaching about the Virgin Mary. The highlight of this band march will take place at the village square at 23.59hrs where the Statue of the Angel will be placed on the pre-eminent pedestal found at the village square. 
  • 1st June - 20.00hrs till 22.30hrs - The magnificent parish church of Tarxien will be accessible for visitors to enjoy this beautiful religious building, its decorations and the Titular Statue of the Virgin Mary of Annunciation.  
  • 1st June - 21.30hrs till 23.30hrs - Air Fireworks display including a pyro-musical show “Sky Full of Stars…2nd EDITION” consisting of a fireworks display synchronized with different musical compositions at Tal-Barrani Road in Tarxien
  • 1st June - 23.30hrs till late - Ground Fireworks Display at Palm Street in Tarxien
  • 2nd June - 18.45hrs - From the Parish Church of Tarxien, begins the procession with  the Statue of the Virgin Mary of the Annunciation. There will be air fireworks till the end of the procession which happens at 23.00hrs. 

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