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Meander through the country roads and set your eyes on a spectacle of thousands of lanterns (fjakkoli), lit up against the serene Gozo countryside and guarded by the crisp, autumn sky. Welcome to the community of Santa Luċija that counts less than 30 youngsters and thousands of fjakkoli, that once a year mesmerise visitors with their beauty, in the steps of a religious tradition to honour our Lady of Fatima. The fjakkolata started when the locality still lacked electricity, and the fjakkoli were taken away from the hamlet's streets and lit on the nearby Għar Ilma hill, creating a spectacular sight to behold every October. Drop in the quaint Santa Luċija square to join in the celebrations. Mingle with the locals in the ensuing festive mood, enlivened with folk dance and local food, and unique hospitality. This is a celebration that brings out Gozo's community spirit.

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