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21/08/2020 19:30 - 23:30

The Chamber of Mysteries has hosted guests from all over the world who have visited this unique award-winning attraction to enjoy and experience an amazing night out whilst in Malta. The authentic setting and unique blend of entertainment, wizardry, wonder and wine offered during a one of a kind evening of amazement makes this a great night out in a most traditional setting, right in the heart of Malta and highly recommended by past visitors. 

The show is held in a chamber that has been transformed into an intimate theatre of magic, within the walls of an authentic 18th Century building now transformed into a unique restaurant offering traditionally cooked Maltese food. There you will witness Malta's most amazing show consisting of fun-filled wizardry and wonder, absolutely entertaining fun and amazing acts that defy explanation! The theatre offers perfect viewing from any seat at close proximity to the performance area. Seating is limited and arrangements are exclusive to just a few people per show, therefore booking in advance is required. The after-dinner show, in the Chamber Of Mysteries, features Brian & Lola. 

An all-inclusive package is available including transport from and to any hotel in Malta, traditional Maltese cuisine, copious amounts оf free-flowing wine and the amazing show in the magical setting of this unique venue. Other options are available on their website. Booking in advance online is obligatory due to limited seating.

For more information and booking enquiries please visit: