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18/01/2020 20:00 - 22:00

If it’s true that “without deviation from the norm progress is not possible”, it’s also true that the well-known Zappa quotation continues: "In order for one to deviate successfully, one has to have at least a passing acquaintance with whatever norm one expects to deviate from.” Frank Zappa had an extraordinary knowledge of this “norm”: submitting any musical materials, ideas or intuitions to a constant discipline, he creates an impressive corpus of “compositions”; not only musical compositions but also many other different disciplines and creative communication forms. “Planet of Prunes” – a new project by 2 x Z Duet is about that kaleidoscopic repertoire of Zappa. Under its funny and explosive surface is hidden a mind-blowing compositive organization, a perfect laboratory of complexity which to this day remains new universe to discover.

From the early ironic songs of the 60’s to the intricate rhythmic lines of the 70’s, from the more recent works to the rare original version scores, 2 x Z Duet , with a “mixed –media” show of songs, dance, solo piano music and non-sense theatre, will celebrate one of the most original composers and “creative organizers” of our time.


Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de la Salle

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