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Travel & Leisure, St. Georges Square, Victoria, Gozo

JP2 Travel & Leisure

Our agency is your agency when it comes to setup and offer support to individuals, families or organizational setups. Furthermore we excel in planning various events such as family holidays', specialized tours and conferences, especially in the island of Gozo. The service rendered by the JP2 is concentrated in providing knowledgeable local expertise backed with logistics. Our agency will guide you through the various channels, that would have been carefully assessed and that fully cater towards the end users needs. The objective within the JP2 is its commitment towards making that most suitable choice for our costumers, together with keeping the peace of mind, saving time and money. Therefore we invite you to explore and discuss a customized travel program that would satisfy best your expectations and requirements.


  • Elérhetőség: Ryan Mercieca
  • Telefon: +356 79256904
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