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College Street Rabat, Malta

Dominican Priory - Rabat

A Maltese priest, Rev. Pietru Zurchi, established the Dominican Priory and the Church dedicated to Our Lady of the Grotto in 1450. This priory was built with the help of the Maltese Government, the ecclesiastical authority, money donated by Maltese benefactors and also with the help of King Ferdinand of Spain who was a Catholic. The Church was built on a cave, where the Virgin Mary had appeared to a bird hunter. In 1609, the Novitiate was founded at the Priory for both the Maltese and Sicilians. In the 19th century, Secular Clerics were studied at the Priory, where it was possible for them to obtain a doctorate. The Church has always been an apostolic centre for the Maltese.


  • コンタクト: Rev. Raymond Gatt OP
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  • 町/市 ロケーション町/市 ロケーション