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Mistra St. Paul’s Bay, Malta

Mistra Bay

Mistra Bay is a pebble beach situated between Xemxija Bay and Selmun. Mistra, like Xemxija, has a long history of occupation that goes back to the Phoenicians and Roman rule.

It has a number of caves in the area that were used as burial places. Others were used for refuge, shelter and to monitor the bay. A natural depression on one side of the bay now shelters different plant species. The military battery built by the knights, visible at the edge of the cliff, is now being used for Aquaculture. Fish farming pens are present at the outer part of the bay.


  • コンタクト: St. Paul's Bay Local Council
  • 電話: +356 21585888
  • 電話: +356 21583058
  • ファックス: +356 21585801


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