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Pembroke, Malta

Pembroke Garigue Heritage Project

The garigues at Pembroke are amongst the most species-rich of the Maltese Islands, and sustain a large number of species of conservation and/or scientific importance including endemic, threatened and critically endangered ones.

The Pembroke Heritage Trail covers approx 2.5 kilometres of garigue habitat. This is a very interesting Mediterranean habitat which houses various wild plants adapted to very harsh conditions all year round. Pembroke is very rich with regards to flora where various species of orchids can be found flowering in various months of the year together with a number of endemic species one of which is only found in this site in all of Malta and the world. The site also houses a variety of fauna common to the Maltese Islands. Being on the coast Pembroke also attracts various migratory birds which stop over while on their long journeys to the North or South. The ecological richness of the site has earned Pembroke garigue the status of a Natura 2000 site making it of EU importance.

- Pembroke Garigue Heritage Project Map - (View PDF | View e-Brochure)
- Pembroke Garigue Heritage Site Guide - (View PDF | View e-Brochure)
- Pembroke Garigue Visitor Booklet - (View PDF | View e-Brochure)
- Pembroke Garigue Heritage Educational Activities EN - (View PDF | View e-Brochure)
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For more information visit the Pembroke Garigue Heritage Project page on Facebook.


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