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Pjazza Orvieto, Ta’ Kerċem, KĊM 1360, Gozo

Ta' Kerċem

Although only a short distance from the Island's capital, Victoria, Ta' Kercem is a secluded village.

Ta' Kercem's origins are ancient: in fact, the village and the outlying countryside are home to several antiquities, and the source of much Gozitan folklore. Il-Mixta hill nearby is thought to be the site of the first human habitation of the Maltese Islands. In the village, you can see the remnants of its ancient past - an old windmill cum defensive tower; and some stone balconies depicting the oriental crescent or half-moon. The parish church is a relatively recent replacement (1851) of an older chapel.

The sister village of Santa Lucija though has a quaint chapel built in 1657. The square here is marked by a traditional stone cross. The countryside beyond both villages is breathtaking. The cliffs nearby are as spectacular as those at Dingli in Malta. The area was once known for its fresh water springs and is still the most lush area of Gozo. You can still see parts of an acquaduct built by the British in 1839 which carried water to Victoria.

The nearby Lunzjata Valley was once a hunting ground for the Knights. In the valley is the Chapel of the Annuniciation, tucked under a cliff. It is one of the most ancient in Gozo and dates back to 1347.


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