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17/05/2019 10:30 - 12:00

The Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society in collaboration with the China Cultural Centre in Malta and MUŻA (the Malta National Community Art Museum) will be welcoming Mr Guo Hongli, an expert in research and production of kite handicrafts from China that specialises in the creation and design of Weifang traditional kites.

During his stay Mr Guo will visit a number of schools and also meet educators and the general public (20-23 May) to share his knowledge and showcase his skills.

There will also be a kite festival happening on the 17 May 2019, organized for the second consecutive year by the Foundation and the Cultural Centre and, as from this year, also with MUŻA which will showcase a selection of kites within its public areas, including the cafeteria and restaurant.

You can watch Mr Guo and his team showcase their skills, enjoy their long dragon Kite-flying, display of creative kites and glimpses of inspirational kite-clothing at this Kite Festival!


Triton Square

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The Malta Foundation For the Wellbeing of Society