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Snack Bars - 1st Class


56, Dingli Street, Tas-Sliema, Malta


Amigos Malta is an internationally inspired concept which specialises in the art of food preparation. Currently operating its main branch in Sliema, Amigos Restaurant has made huge strides since its lauch in 2005. By taking inspiration from all over the globe Amigos has a built a solid foundation in the specialisation of tasty, versatile, fresh and affordable foods. The menu itself consists of a distinct balance of Italian and Mexican recipes, however the influences and fusions from other parts of the world can be witnessed throughout the menu.

Amigos' main strategic goal is that of providing tasty, healthy, and affordable foods in a fast-food format, thus offering its clients a whole new outlook to eating out. The Amigos team is dedicated to ensuring these standards are maintained on a consistent basis, and it is their dedication and persistence that enables Amigos to maintain its popularity and large interest throughout the Maltese islands.


İrtibat Bilgileri

  • Telefon: +356 21332480

Tesisler ve Hizmetler

  • Çocuklar Kabul EdilirÇocuklar Kabul Edilir
  • Deniz Tarafında YerDeniz Tarafında Yer

Genel Bilgiler

  • Açık Olduğu Günler:
    • Pazartesi
    • Salı
    • Çarşamba
    • Perşembe
    • Cuma
    • Cumartesi
    • Pazar
  • Açılış Saatleri: Sliema: Monday – Thursday: 1200hrs till 2330hrs. Friday – Sunday: 1200hrs till 2400hrs.
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