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Ciappetti No. 5,, Wesgħa ta' Sant Agata, Mdina, MDN 1160, Malta


Grape vine covered courtyards, home grown herbs, multi coloured lights, and a myriad of wind chimes give a flirtatious wink of what's to come. You feel like a special guest in your best friend's home.

If you have visited Ciappetti before then you surely don't need reminding that the courtyards, bastions and internal medieval rooms are simply magical when bathed in soft candle light.

Dining beneath the orange trees, accompanied by the tinkling of wind chimes, and the sound of running water is to be transported to a peaceful place which is all to easy to forget still exists here in Malta.

The staff at Ciappetti also play their role, they are very friendly, attentive, brisk, and well-mannered - a breath of fresh air in itself.

We are a husband and wife team we both do the cooking, and we both take care of our customers, we just do it alternatively

Our menu is Maltese and Mediterranean in concept, we serve traditional dished such as Rabbit, Bragioli, local fish, Goat's cheese Ravioli etc etc.


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  • Telefon: +356 21459987
  • Telefon: +356 99470038

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  • Kasabada/Şehirde YerKasabada/Şehirde Yer

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    • Pazartesi
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