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Dive Systems (W.S.) Ltd., Tower Point, Tower Road, Exiles, Tas-Sliema, SLM 1604, Malta

Dive Systems Ltd

Established in 1978, Dive Systems is one of Malta's best diving centres boasting years of experience and a clean safety record. Over these 30 years we have strived to offer quality diving services at excellent value and in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. With a team of dedicated instructors and trained individuals, Dive Systems offers a wide range of diving services and a fully equipped shop for all your diving needs. Our newly-refurbished dive centre situated at the water's edge on the Sliema Promenade - Malta's leading holiday resort and nightlife centre - offers an array of diving services including: Introductory dives and snorkeling lessons; International diving courses and training for PADI; Accompanied dives and diving packages for experienced divers; Live-aboard diving, Hire packages for unaccompanied dives; Hire, retail and servicing of all diving equipment; as well as the refilling of cylinders with Air, Nitrox and Trimix.

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  • Telefon: +356 21319123

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  • Açılış Saatleri: June-September: 08.30hrs - 18.30hrs (7 days a week). October-May: 8.30hrs - 17.00hrs. (Monday-Saturday)
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