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25, Marina Street, Marsalforn, Żebbuġ, MFN1014, Gozo

Il Forno Tavern

The setting is an exceptional house of character in front of the sea dating back to 1700 AD. This is the oldest historic dwelling in the village with robust traditional stone walls. The ground floor has been maintained to its original state whilst the first floor was designed and built by the owner to complement the original.

This establishment specialises in exquisite Italian and Maltese Cuisine, although one or two Chinese items are also included for
good measure.

Interestingly the owner is renowned for his many natural talents and often picks up a guitar filling the place with beautiful Brazilian or Swing music which, in addition to the very reasonable prices and handsome portions which characterise this restaurant, makes your outing simply unique.


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  • Telefon: +356 21565140
  • Telefon: +356 79047320

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  • Açılış Saatleri: Monday - Sunday: 1130hrs till 2330hrs. (Closed on Tuesday mornings)
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