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Our Delicacies

We’re just going to come out and say it: Maltese food and drink are probably the best in the World. It’s true! What better way to sink your teeth into the local culture than through its mouth-watering cuisine? Maltese cuisine is a treat to the palate, and it can easily be described as a delightful celebration of Mediterranean flavours with a tasty chunk of history thrown in.

Maltese cuisine is heavily influenced by Italy, particularly Sicily, but with a dash of Arab/North Africa and a hefty pinch of Malta’s own. Starters tend to be soups, pasta, risotto, antipasti or dips with bread or biscuits, while mains include pasta and potato bakes at home, but eating out is generally meat or fish.

Steeped in tradition and bursting with taste, the secrets to its crusty bread, glistening oil, awesome cheeses, and sensationally sweet honey date back centuries, and are far too vast to be devoured in just one sitting!  So, loosen up your belt and prepare to taste your way around Malta’s great food! Try something different…every day!  

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